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Mengecek Nama dalam Black List Bank Indonesia

Mengecek Nama dalam Black List Bank Indonesia 

I once had a complicated problem with a credit card. Never too late to be terrorized the credit card. But now it is finished and I have paid off all. I close all credit card refund to the credit card. If I could look to BI if my name in the black list of BI? Since I wanted to purchase a vehicle for use with the family.

Or, alternatively, how do I save per month in order to repay those vehicles? I have no savings to DP at 30-40% of the price of the vehicle, but my job is not fixed income every month.


Dear Mas Soelis,

First let me say congratulations on the hull of your credit card debt! An appropriate steps to make payment and promptly clean up the credit card debt problem. But actually you do not need to restore your credit card. You just have to cut out any cards. This is to prevent misuse of your credit card by other parties, including the employees of the bank.

Untukitu, you should check to the bank issuing your credit card that you closed, if your card is still active, or is there a bill that has not been paid off? If there are any, have immediately blocked and closed, simply through the call center.

I need to inform you that while you as a prospective borrower applying for the provision of funding / financing, the financial institution will conduct an assessment to find data facilities owned by the debtor contained in the Individual Debtor Historical Information (IDI History). History IDI will display historical information about payments made within the last 24 months. This process is called Bank Indonesia Checking.

To find out if your name is listed in the "black list" of BI or not, you need to do is figure out your History IDI BI by filling out a request form which can be obtained History IDI at BI offices nearby. BI will analyze the data and send the debtor a letter of explanation to you.

Furthermore, you currently have the funds to purchase a vehicle but still inadequate so eager to repay. Start by setting aside your earnings, but one thing to remember is: make sure your debt does not exceed 30% of the total of your expenses per month. This will ensure your monthly cash flow remains healthy.

But because you have an income that is not fixed, you should make an average income per month, or roughly, per month minimum to money how. Then the mortgage should not be more than 30% of average income or earnings is minimal.

In general, you should buy a car in cash, because it's generally vehicle loan interest rates are quite high, while the price of the vehicle more and more down. So try to buy in cash. But if it was willing to loan, the mortgage should not exceed the percentages mentioned above.

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